Lillian Larson ( Greenwood ) Post 114
The American Legion
3050 Co. Rd 496
Ishpeming, Michigan 49849


APRIL  2020

Much has transpired here at the post since the last newsletter. Some good and some otherwise. I'll try to inform you of the current news. Due to the health problems with the Coronaviris-19 pandemic the Governor of Michigan CLOSED most businesses until April 15. We are included so we will open the canteen until April 16 at the earliest. Also, under this, our April 1 Post Meeting will NOT take place. An Officer Nomination sign-up list will be posted in the canteen for anyone wanting to serve our post as a officer. If you would like to serve sign up. We must have officers to exist as a post. No officers-no post.

There is also a by-law change that will move the meeting day back to the first Tuesday of the month at 6:30. These will be voted on at the next post meeting May 6th @ 6:30.

Please attend and have your voice heard.

     We had a small problem with the septic system. No septic problem is small and it was taken care of by the Sons. Thank you. It would behoove us to pump the tank yearly rather than having a backup and flood.

     The flood also cause a problem with our new furnace which was also repaired by our Sons. Thanks again Mike Michell, Dean Stevens and Greg Grund. All is well.

The post had to be totally cleaned and was done by Maria Sharland and Christine Greenleaf. Then came the virus. Chad Coughlin stepped up to plate and volunteered to paint the canteen along with Sara Rosten, Dan Sharland and Maria Sharland. Looks good. A light blue.  It takes many members to keep this post running so if you have any skills or would like to learn a few, hookup with a group of members, sons or auxiliary. They would be glad to have the help.



  William Haupt




  Winter is almost over. Remember Auxiliary dues and they are $30 for the year. We have our Spaghetti Dinner every third Thursday of the month from 5-7. We do to-go orders as well.  Our Auxiliary Meetings are held every fourth Wednesday of every month at 6:30. Scholarships will be in May. Contact the school counselors for applications.


  Kaitlyn Nault

  Auxiliary President



  I hope everyone is doing well, it’s been a busy year so far for the S.A.L. with our breakfast's and hamburger nights. Thank you again for your support of these fundraisers for the S.A.L. Without you we couldn't do all can for the Legion and our veterans. So keep us in mind on the first Thursday and first Sunday of the month for our fundraisers.

Its been a while since the last newsletter so I'll let you know what the S.A.L. has been up to these last few months. We have built and worked on a with a ramp and roof over it on the south hall exit door, moved the small deck to the north exit door of the hall. Thanks to Dean Stephens for working on the buildings heating system and when it failed he got another furnace in the nick of time when the old one died. He and several S.A.L. Members got the old furnace out and the new one in and running in about 4 hours. The post didn't have a chance to cool off. Our membership is doing well.  We will be at 100% when I send in a couple of memberships in. So check your cards. We still have a few members not paid up for this year. We will be having elections of officers soon so stop by the post and sign up for a position if you like. Thanks for your support


  Mike Michell

  S.A.L. Commander





Greetings from Florida.  Happy to begin the new year with some good news on the membership front.  As you know, Legion Post 136 (Ishpeming/Negaunee) has turned in their charter, and former members have transferred to Lillian Larson. Accordingly, we gratefully welcome the following new members of Post 114:

Reynold Doney, John Hansen, Arthur Howard, David Kurtz, Raymond Leverton, Edward Lundin, Raymond Perrault, and John Ruona, all of Ishpeming.  And Glenn Binoniemi, James Flannery, David Guenther, David Karhi, Howard Lehto, and Swen Nurkala, all of Negaunee. 

In addition, we would like to extend a warm welcome to the following individual Legionnaires who have joined our post since the last update in September:

Joseph Belanger. Chad Coughlin, Alvar Heikkila, Gerald Lambert, Thomas Lucas, Arthur Mann, Paul Martinsen, Michael Oertel, William Perry, Alvin Schultz, and Thomas Wakeham, all of Ishpeming;  Dennis Aho, George Paavo, and Paul Wolfson of Negaunee; Wesley Leece, Bridgit Pole and Joshua Snell of Champion; and Gerald Bell, M. Cameron Luke, William Matson, Fred Nees and Steven Sicotte, all of Marquette; Charles Scott of Republic, and David Pilto from Skandia.  Welcome, all.

In summary, we have made our 100% goal for 2020.


TAPS:  We sincerely regret the passing, and pray for the souls of the following members since our last report in September: James Ayotte,  Jack Boase, Charles Cornish, John Crady, Roger Delongchamp, Mike Fraser, Charles Larson; James Maki, and John Snyder.  The campaign is over.  Time to rest.

See y’all again soon


Richard L. Sharland





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