Lillian Larson ( Greenwood ) Post 114
The American Legion
3050 Co. Rd 496
Ishpeming, Michigan 49849




We continue to operate during a period of flux.  Patronage was steadily increasing during this past month, capsulated by the wildly-successful car show on July 10th.  As a newly-elected commander, it has pleased me to no end to witness the unselfish voluntary labor exhibited by all members of our Legion Family.  As matters stand today, our post is on solid foundation.


Unfortunately, we were stunned with receiving Michigan Governor’s Executive Order 2020-160 yesterday, notifying us (and all other fraternal organizations) that we must cease all operations, effective July 31st.  This means the cancellation of all planned events for the foreseeable future. Words cannot convey my disappointment with this news.


I will keep you informed on future information as it becomes known via our website, Facebook and regular email updates.  Anxiously looking forward to an end to these restrictions and being able to welcome our family back to Lillian Larson Post 114.






Hello everyone. Dues are due! They are $30 for the year. The Spaghetti Dinner is cancelled for this month again due to the Post being closed until further notice. This is due to the Corona Virus and the Governors decision. 


Our annual Community Picnic and Craft & Vendor Show is canceled as well. As a heads up there is a Rummage Sale that has changed from the 8th of August to October 24 & 25, 2020. More details to follow next month.


Congratulations to our new officers for the 2020-2021 year:   Kaitlyn Nault – President; Kitty Kososki- 1st vice ; Maria Sharland 2nd vice; Barb Liubakka – Treasurer; Shannon Junak – Secretary; Lois Westman- Chaplin; Joyce Richards - Historian,; Janice Lovel - Sgt. at Arms.

If you have any questions please feel free to call me or email me at the following contact info below.

Our next meeting will be at the Diorite Park on August 26, 2020 @ 6 p.m. bring a dish to pass. 

Kaitlyn Nault

  Auxiliary President



I hope everyone is doing well while sheltering in place. Nothing much has taken place for the past month, due to the restrictions in place.  We hope to be able to resume our Breakfasts and Burger Nights sometime in the Fall.


The 2021 Membership cards have arrived.  Please contact me for renewals.  I will get your cards to you as quick as possible.


Thanks always for your support.

Mike Michell

S.A.L. Commander


House Committee


As most are aware of, we had the Legion’s inaugural CARona Car Show which was a huge success! Many thanks to those that assisted in this effort. Also, kudos to Brad Prisk for suggesting the event, and leading the way for the rest of us! He not only suggested the event, but was our main host and made several trophies that were awarded that day. Those trophies were phenomenal! If you didn’t get a chance to view them, you missed out on some real gems.


Hopefully, we will be making bulk Cudighi in the September/October timeframe.  Pre-orders will be taken and there will be a sign-up sheet located in the canteen. Please sign up in order to give us an idea of how much will be required.


As always the House Committee will welcome any suggestions that a person may have and the door to our meetings will always be open to those with fresh ideas.


Take care all! Stay healthy and active!


  Scott Marietti, Kaitlyn Nault,  Mike Michell - Co-Chairs




Canteen News


Had a fantastic turnout for the car show last month! Thank you to all who were involved and volunteered to make it such an extraordinary day!! We’ve still been seeing a trickle of new faces since we have reopened and it has been great being able to see and catch up with so many of you. Hoping to see more and more of you as things hopefully take a turn for the better with the pandemic.


Maria Sharland

Canteen Manager





Membership:  As all of you are now aware, 2021 membership cards are now being processed. We’ve already hit our 50% mark for the coming year.  I ask you all to welcome in the following new members who’ve joined us in the last month:  Donald Ahola, Ronald “Baggs” Baggiore, Matt Matwyuk, Kyle Taisto and Jason Tammelin all of Ishpeming; Douglas Dushane, Matt Vanni and Paul Wolfson all of Negaunee; Glen Bressette Sr, Caleb Burzan, Pat Holcomb and Leo Marczynski of Marquette; Wallace Warlin of Republic;  Lisa Jacobsen of Ralph; Les Casey of Midfield, AL and Mike King of  Beverly Hills, FL.  Welcome to our Family. 


Again, I would like to ask any of you folks receiving this newsletter to let us know if you have a valid e-mail address for which we can send subsequent offerings.  We no longer mail these to our family members, and thus are able to hold the cost of membership dues.    So if you’re online, please arrange to have us send your Newsletter in that manner.  


Taps:  I am once again happy to give a negative report for the past month. 


Looking forward to seeing you all again at the Good Ship Lillian.


Richard L. Sharland